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What is mac address & How to find mac address

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Hello Friends, today we’re telling you about what is mac address. I hope you will like our article. So don’t weast any time. Let’s get start.

First of all I tell you about Meaning of mac address.

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Meaning of mac address is “MEDIA ACCESS CONTROL ADDRESS”.

What is mac address = mac address is a binary number. The computer network adapter that uniquely identify. The purpose of each identifier To be unique for a particular device. These numbers are sometimes called hardware addresses or physical addresses. During the manufacturing process, network hardware is embedded, ya added in firmware. And these are not for modifiable. Some people call them Ethernet addresses for historical reasons. But all types of networks, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, use MAC addressing. MAC address is formed according to the rules of three numbering spaces. That is managed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). MAC addresses are often assigned by the Network Interface Controller (NIC) manufacturer. And it is stored in its hardware. Like card read only memory and some other firmware.

When assigned by the manufacturer, the MAC address usually encodes the manufacturer’s registered identification number. And burn-in address (BIA) can be referred to. It is also known as Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA), or Physical Address. In short, the MAC address remains unchanged for the entire life span of any device. But the IP address is like postal code that can be changed.

In the IEEE 802 standard, the Data Link Layer is divided into two sub-layers.

  1. Logical Link Control(LLC) Sublayer
  2. Media Access Control(MAC) Sublayer


Why is mac address ?

An application of MAC address is a filtering process on the wireless network. To prevent strangers from accessing the network, the router can only extract the specific MAC address. In this manner, if the IP address changes, for example in case of dynamic IP address, the MAC address can still identify the device.

Filtering can be used to track network users and to limit their access. It may also have other uses, such as when an unknown device connects to the network, to find them. For these reasons, many companies and Institutions need the MAC address of their members’ devices. Therefore, it is important that the owner of the device has his MAC address in addition to any authorized staff. Do not tell anyone.


A MAC address consists of six sets of two characters; each set is separated by colon. Traditional MAC addresses are 12 digits (6 bytes or 48 bits) of hexadecimal numbers. They are usually written in one of the following three formats.

mac address format

MAC identifies the first 6-digit manufacturer of the address, which is called the OUI (Organizational Unique Identifier). The IEEE Registration Authority Committee assigns this MAC prefixes to its registered vendors.

Here are some OUIs of renowned manufactures.

mac address manufactures

Right 6 digit are represent the Network Interface Controller, which is assigned by the manufacturer. But this is just a transition, not mandatory. MAC address can be presented using any of the following formats.

mac address network interface

NOTE = Colon-Hexadecimal notation is used by Linux OS and Period-separated Hexadecimal notation by Cisco Systems.

64 – bit mac address 

While all the traditional MAC addresses are 48 bit, some types of networks need a 64-bit address instead. For example, based on IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee Wireless Home Automation and other similar networks, need to configure a 64-bit MAC address on their hardware devices. On IPv6, the TCP / IP network also applies different approaches to communicating with the MAC address than IPv4. Instead of 64-bit hardware addresses, IPv6 automatically translates a fixed (hardcode) 16-bit FFFE value between the vendor prefix and device identifier and translates the 48-bit MAC address into a 64-bit address.

IPv6 “identifiers” these numbers, so that they can be separated from the correct 64-bit hardware address. For example, a 48-bit MAC address appears at 00: 25: 46: 12: 32: 26 as an IPv6 network (usually written in the form of either of these two).



Mac address cloning

Some Internet Service Providers link each of their Residential Customer Accounts to the MAC address of the home network router (or any other gateway device). This address does not change until the customer changes their gateway, such as when they install a new router. When a Residential Gateway is changed, Internet Provider now gets a separate MAC address and they block this device from Internet access.

A process called Cloning solves this problem by enabling the router (gateway) to report the old MAC address to the provider, although its own hardware address is different. Administrators can configure their router to use the cloning option (assuming that it supports this feature) and enter the MAC address of the old gateway in the configuration screen. When cloning is not available, the customers should contact service providers to register their new gateway device instead.


FIND MAC ADDRESS IN WINDOWS = click win+r for open run in your laptop. and serach cmd in run for open cmd.

and after then write “ipconfig /all” in cmd for check mac address.

mac address command

mac address command 2

and this physical address is your mac address.

FIND MAC ADDRESS IN KALI LINUX =1st option. open terminal in your linux os and write “ifconfig” in your terminal for check mac address.

mac address linux

ether is your mac address.

2nd option. open setting in your linux os and go to network option. nad click wired. then hardware address is your mac address.

mac address linux 2

I hope you liked this article comment your suggestion.


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