History Of Hacking And Hackers


It’s interesting to note that the first hacking actually began with telephone ! jhon draper created the blue box when used with the receiver and whistle enabled him to make free calls. Of course he was arrested for tampering with phone linse. this was the 70s. before that in the 60s, some MIT students got together and hacked their model train systems to get more out of them and modify their working. they later applied this curiosity to the new computer system deployed on their campus.

HISTORY OF HACKING AND HACKERS. In the 805 with the commercialization of the computer systems with companies like IBM, Radio Shack, the availability of the personal computer made the world smaller and was no longer limited to enthusiasts and people who knew how to push limits. The 805 opened up the computer world to a whole new game altogether. Hardware like modems used over telephone lines, allowed computers to now communicate with each other, which meant people got closer than before and started exchanging information.

Around the same time, Stephen Levy published his book, ”hacking: heroes of the computer revoiution” wherein he stated “Access to computers and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the Hands-on imperative” and people like Richard Stallman said, “My project is to make all software free”. This was indicative of the fact that hackers across were getting together to push the limits of the knowledge they already had and bring about a revolution in the computer world. Like Andy Hertzfeld created the switch between programmes software for MAC and sold it to Apple for a hundred grand. And he did it for the simple joy of watching an idea turn into reality!

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Simply put like Cheshire “Catalyst” said it. “a hacker is someone who just hacks away at the computer keyboard until the programme works”.

But that was another era that saw the evolution of the hacker grow from being a group of likeminded individuals, pushing the limits of programming for fun to a new set of people who did it because they could, to people who did it for gain and it was not just monetary.

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The newest form of hacking is when the hackers breach secure protocols and break down walls to enter into an illegal space. Connecting to secure networks using WPA or WEP is the new form of hacking. However, using the word hacking for all breaching would be incorrect. Cracking is considered the hacking cousin from the wrong side of the track. While hacking is about pushing limits and creating programmes, cracking specializes in cracking those protocols for personal gain.

The darker side of hacking has three primary motivations with varying degrees of intent. The simplest cracks are attempts to gain unauthorized access to networks that are secure in order to satisfy a curiosity or satiate pride in the act. The nastier version of cracking is to gain access and destroy information that is stored on the network. However, the worst offense of the category is the endeavor to enter into government or large enterprise driven organizations to steal data and information for criminal intent.



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