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In This Article We take a Look at All the Indian Smartphone Companies and how they lost the battle to the Chinese in the Budget smartphone race.

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?Indian Mobile Manufacturing Company List?

Today Xiaomi has The maximum market share in the country for smartphone shipments according to IDC. maximum smartphones being Bought in the country are being sold by Xiaomi. but it wasn’t always like this a couple of years back. Indian companies has The top 5 spot so what has happened in these few years let’s find out .

Indian Mobile Company

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If you go back to 2014 Micromax was the number one company in the country. it shipped 16% of all smartphones sold in the market with Samsung coming in at a second after that companies like Lava, Karbon and in techs completed the top 5 list. for 2014 but it drastically changed in the Last couple of years. especially after companies like Xiaomi and Oneplus entered the market they basically overtook. Indian Brands and now Xiaomi holds the number-one spot.

What Happened To Indian Smartphone Manufacturers

So what has happened with companies like Micromax ,Lava and Karbon so there was a time. where you couldn’t turn on the television without getting Indian smartphone branding in your face so. your favorite show was mostly sponsored by micromax most cricket matches were sponsored by companies like Karbon, Intex or Lava and you can’t go to a concert without seeing Micromax branding all over. the concert so these were things that were very synonymous with 2014 and even 2015 but the company started to lose out drastically. so basically what happened was that most Indian companies these Indian manufacturers weren’t really manufacturing smart phones themselves.

 Redmi Note 8 Pro

They were basically buying these phones from countries Like China and Taiwan and rebranding them with their own stickers and selling them in the market. well this was great in the beginning to start off with which it didn’t require a lot of investment and you could get the latest technology at a cheaper price because. the company would directly buy from China and sell it in India. but over a period of time when the smartphone consumer started to become more and more educated especially in the online market.

It became difficult for companies like Micromax , Karbon and even lava to sustain this business model when Xiaomi and oneplus entered the market they were not only manufacturing their own phones. they were also customizing the operating system to suit the consumer they also made consumer centric forums and communities. which allows them to get lots of consumer feedback therefore improving their hardware and software over time to suit. the needs of the customer in the market they were targeting so while Xiaomi has a very strong Chinese forum we also started to make forums and communities in India.

Indian market

Which allows them to customize and tweak the phones for the Indian market therefore getting a loyal customer base with the fact that Micromax and most Indian companies were behaving like businessmen and not like product people was one of the biggest reasons for their downfall. there was an opportunity at some time in 2014-2015 where these companies had a lot of money and they could have invested in manufacturing plants. they could have invested in R&D labs they could have set up their own software companies and started to develop their own smartphones. they had the money they had the opportunity and they had good enough reason because most of their OEM manufacturers have started to become companies of their own and started selling phones in India.

Gionee is one such example a company which used to manufacture for Micromax started to sell its own branded phones in the country. there was also a big time where Micromax had enough power to overthrow oneplus and take over the CyanogenMod from the company. where in which when oneplus was launching in india Micromax has the power to take the CyanogenMod exclusively for India from oneplus and launch it on their devices. the company also started a very very interesting project called YU Yuphoria smartphones. which was supposedly a community LED smartphone option and it did really well in the first year but in typical Indian business format they completely forgot about their customers and did not stay in touch with.

The community which they had built really well and in the second year the business was more or less done with another reason that Indian companies didn’t do well is the need for bigger profit margins most Indian manufacturers operated on a 20 to 30 percent profit margin allowing them to make quick big money and. the initial years whereas companies like Xiaomi which are still not making money they’re still in a loss. they still survive braces their profits from the existing sales and investment money so overall of the company still not making enough money to be profitable. and oneplus in the first few years was not making a lot of money so their margins were very low in the initial year so that they could create hype around their product so they could create brand affinity and then later on start to make some profits so now with oneplus.

You can see that they’re making a lot more money their prices have increased their brand margins have increased they’re also doing a lot of advertisements and they’re doing grand partnerships with celebrities and spending a lot of money in all of that because. the company is now profitable because the company is now making money you can see their associations and them. spending money but now because the brand affinity is there people still will consider buying a oneplus device versus many other devices in the same price bracket. so another big reason that Indian manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the market demand was the arrival of 4G where most Indian manufacturers assume that.

4G would not add quick speeds and it will take several years maybe till 2018 for 4G to fully arrive they were only anticipating a 3G market and therefore they had invested a lot of money in 3G handsets which they could not sell because Chinese company is quickly moved over to the 4G side and started selling 4G smartphones and therefore networks like Airtel, Vodafone and then Jio enabled the 4G revolution in India allowing a lot of consumers to switch over to. the Chinese smartphones because of availability of 4G and VOLTE which the Indian companies could not offer in a quick time therefore losing out on a big chunk of the market.

Top 5 Smartphones Mostly Chinese Brands

indian mobile company

Which wanted to join the internet revolution that and in the country in the past few years now in the near future there could still be an opportunity for any of these companies to come back and make a huge comeback with a great product great pricing but for now. it seems futile because the Chinese manufacturers are more or less in the marketplace while the top five smartphones in the country are mostly Chinese brands. exception being Samsung .which has been the only constant for many years remaining between the number one or the number two spot the rest of the company is now included Lenovo and moto along with vivo and Oppo .so the top five spot goes to mostly Chinese companies which Xiaomi now currently leading according to several reports.

The future could be different there could be an Indian manufacturer that could make a major comeback and jump back into the top five spot but for now it seems highly unlikely because most Indian manufacturers didn’t have any kind of investment in manufacturing and. if they continued to run the business in the old methodology where they were buying phones from Chinese manufacturers and then rebranding and selling them in India. it causes a major hurdle for spares service after sales support which because they don’t own the product because they didn’t manufacture the product they can’t offer troubleshooting as well as say a Xiaomi smartphone company.

Which manufactures the phone themselves and knows the phone inside out what do you guys think do you think a Indian smartphone company will try and make a comeback do you think it’s completely futile for any company to now try and take over the top five spot while the technology game is ever-changing do let us know what your thoughts are on the change of Indian smartphone manufacturers leading the top five spot – now there being only Chinese companies let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below .


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