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Google Site Kit :- Useful Plugin For WP Users

How To Setup Google Site Kit. Google Site Kit :- Useful Plugin For WP Users. Google has recently released not open-source Plugin Google site kit for WordPress.

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Google Site Kit :- Useful Plugin For WP Users

Google has recently released not open-source Plugin Google site kit for WordPress. This Plugin Allows website owners to analyze monitor and improve their site performance all in one place. and I’ll show you how to link all of these up and install on to WordPress.

google plugins

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Google Site kit is free Google Plugin that connects to the likes of Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Adsense and these are all the services that Google provides you with when you first set up your website so it saves you the hassle of having to go through all the different apps with Google and instead you can now access them all from your WordPress dashboard rather than having to set them up with different plugins.

I’ve personally added it to one of my websites and I find it really helpful to view my performance plus. it’s quite easy to understand so as you can see you can view all of your traffic whether or not that be organic referral or direct you can have an idea of your searches impressions and clicks and you can also have a look at your top search queries for your sites and some of the most popular content as well something else that really handy is if. I head over to my site and if I have a look at this top header here under site kick it shows me. the performance on a page-by-page basis so I have an understanding of how that page is actually performing for me in terms of number of clicks the total number of impressions total users in sessions etc.

Now I already have accounts set up for all of these Google services but if you haven’t don’t worry because you will be prompted to create them as you go along also one thing to mention is the fact. that they are currently in beta so it will become more stable over time but for me personally. it works absolutely fine they also plan to extend the plugins capabilities and integrations in the future however the thing is is that because it is in beta. you can’t just install it like you would in the noodle way so usually you would obviously go to your plugins and add new you and you would search for your plugin now once. it actually comes out with beta and goes into the full version.

You will be able to search for Google Site kit but because this is in beta what we need to do is actually head over to their site. which is sitekit.withgoogle.com and what we now need to do is click onto the Link. that says get developer beta and if we scroll down and then we can click onto the link that says download right here and just allow that’s download once that’s downloaded you want to head over to your WordPress site.

google sitekit dashboard

Now I’m actually going to be installing this onto a different website so I’m just going to head over to the dashboard for that and if. I then go to plugins and then go to add new I’m going to upload a plugin and I need to choose that folder. I’ve just downloaded it. so that’s Google site kit once that’s uploaded you can now click on to install now and then you can go ahead and activate that plugin ok it then states congratulations the site kit plug-in is now activated. so what we want to do is we want to start setting this up.

How To Setup Google Site Kit

sitekit setup

so click on to the start setup button and now what it’s showing me here is all the steps that I need to actually follow to actually get this completed and set up for me. so the first thing you need to do is it create that I need to create a client ID so. what I need to do is actually click on to this blue link here now one thing to be aware of that is if you are obviously going through and setting this up you will .need to be logged into your Google account.

sitekit code

so what going to do is just click onto this link then you need to ensure that all the project name and application names and things like that are correct now. what we need to do is click on to get author credentials now. what we need to do is we need to copy this client configuration once that’s copied. what we need to do is go back to our dashboard on WordPress then we’re just going to paste this in and click on to proceed. now we can see that the create client login is now complete so now what it’s asking us to do is to authenticate. which is our step two so in terms of that what we need to do is sign in with Google so click on to the blue button you need to choose your account and then click on to allow for any pop-ups that then ask you to allow or grant access.

sitekit by google

once that done you can see that now it’s verifying my URL it’s connecting my search console and then it’s going to finish so it’s done. those last three steps automatically for me so what I can now do is head over to my dashboard. so got my dashboard so what I actually say so it states that obviously congratulations on completing the setup for site kit so. what can we see we can see our search final now so we’ve obviously got that connected we can have an understanding of our top search queries in here as well now. what we want to do is you may want to start populating more information into this dashboard so what we’re going to do is we’re going to connect up Google Analytics.

The way that we do that is that we can click on to connect service on this blue link now we need to follow these steps so. we’re going to click on to the proceed button so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to select our account. click on allow and it’s now connecting up our service so as you can see it’s all pretty easy to use so the next thing. we need to do is just ensure that. we have our account property and view selected from the drop-down then we’re going to click on to configure analytics . so that’s all set up so as you can see these steps are really easy for you to actually go through and actually pull the information into your dashboard.

so now what it will do is I’ll start gathering up some of the data so it will take a little bit of time for these to come through however they will appear in these sections under or traffic on the right-hand side here and down in this bottom section here the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to connect up the Page Speed insights so get an understanding of our performance .

site kit page speed

so we’re going to click on to connect service so what we’re doing again is we just simply following the steps that. it’s showing me on screen so first thing I need to do is generate an API key so I’m going to click onto the blue link then I need to get my API key so click on that button. I’m going to copy this again and then I’m going to paste that back in my dashboard and then click on to proceed and if I scroll down you can then have an idea of how fast your home page is it will give you in terms of a mobile or desktop now my website is actually working progress in the moment so as you can see. it’s not exactly great but it just gives you an idea of your speed so that was a very brief overview of how you can install the Google site kit for WordPress in beta I really like this plugin I find it really easy to use and to set up and it just means that I’ve got all of the information that I need all in one page.


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