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Yalgaar Carry Minati’s Latest Music Video is Out Now | Here’s Everything You Need to Know about It

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Yalgaar Carry Minati’s Latest Music Video is Out Now | Here’s Everything You Need to Know about It

India’s one of the most followed YouTubersCarry Minati, also known as, Ajey Nagar (his real name) is in the news yet again. What led to this sudden eruption in Carry Minati’s fan following is his YouTube VS TikTok controversy. It has been almost two months since Carry is regularly among the headlines of the internet.

Yalgaar New Full HD Song
Yalgaar New Rap Song

Yalgaar Carry Minati’s New Music Video. After that video, which has stamped several records but then deleted by YouTube after a week, Carry Minati¬† New video has posted another video named Stop Making Assumptions – asking people not to assume things.

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The said to be Roast King of India – hasn’t stopped there nor his fraternity from immensely supporting him – and then he posted a teaser of his rap music video named Yalgaar which has just come out on the internet a few hours ago.

Yalgaar is all about his anger on the deleted video and for his haters. The video is full of aggression & energy, and so the words of the rap. The 20-year-old YouTuber can be seen singing the rap throughout the video.

Ek Kahani Hai Jo Sabko Sunanni Hai is the hook line of Yalgaar.

The video released yesterday is crashing the internet and already reached more than 13,778,937 views and 3 million likes in less than 24 hours. The hype is so high Рthe video  seems to be on its way to make some new records.

Carry Minati has 20.4 million subscribers on Youtube. The music video Yalgaar is supported by Wily Frenzy, Deepak Char, & Engineered at Noisy Gates studio, and shot by Shlok Mishra & Lakshay Bhoria.

All the Best – Yalgaar!!


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