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Jada Tamil Movie Download Kathir & Roshni Prakash Movie

Jada Tamil Movie Download Kathir & Roshni Prakash Movie

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Jada Movie Review | Kathir & Roshni Prakash Movie

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Jada directed by Kumar anand starring Kathir now in India. we don’t get too many pure genre films that is something like Helen which is a survival drama or something like Kathir movie. which is an all-out action thriller most of our films are mixes of various genres for instance our horror films can come. with a full-fledged comedy track or our action films can come with a full-fledged romantic track.

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So this mix is not something that is unusual for us. so when Jada which starts out like an underdog sports drama turns Midway into. a scary ghost story I did a mental what the and then. I said okay let me re calibrate. my brain to expect this kind of movie so the first half hits all. the expected beats Kathir plays Jada who’s a very good football player his course wants him to play in an 11 team.

So that he can qualify for the selection match and then go on to get a job but Jada wants to play the rougher version of the game. which is the seven steam he has a reason and that reason has to do with the football player. that he hero-worshiped as a child now. this characters played by Kishore and he gets the film’s best line when. he says he coaches kids because he wants the game to live one after his time.

I thought that was the best line of the film and I really wanted to see a movie about this character instead but around intermission point the genre changes Jada and his friends. land up in the kind of village that has a haunted house and a dog. that doesn’t bark and if that dog barks something really bad will happen but the problem is it all sounds more interesting than. it actually is there is no sense of time or place and none of the characters have much color except may be.

The heroine played by Rashmi Prakash at one point she’s dressed in red not take the scene Jada asked her to meet him at the temple and she couldn’t come so he’s very angry and that night. she visits him and says I couldn’t come because I had my period and even that he’s not able to guess. the friend has to guess that for him and this leads to a song because we need a romantic track whether. it’s a pure genre film or a mixture Andhra film what matters most is obviously their writing and that’s all over.

The place we get this track early on the supposed father son between a deaf-mute was so angry with the world that. he’s turned into a kind of alcoholic now the scene has given so much prominence that. we think this character is going to play a huge part later on but then he’s register no body there are not.

Chennai gangster types who keep making threatening noises but they are also reduced to nobodies. the football itself turns into a very watered down version of what. we thought it would be in the rest of the film and I ended up feeling very bad for God that now. I realized that he’s probably not yet at a point in his career where he can choose the perfect script but a few more fields like Jada and I’m very afraid that he might get benched so that’s it for Jada.

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