Download Gameloop Emulator - Tencent Gaming Buddy

I’ll tell you how to change it back to English, and I’ll also talk about some other problems that people have and why they have those issues so yeah stay tuned so first thing we look at is the minimum system requirements and the CPU you need is a dual-core processor from either Intel or AMD running at 1.8 gigahertz on the GPU side you need at least an Nvidia 8600 GT or 9600 GT AMD HD 2600 or 3600 and Intel HD 3000 or 4000 so with these GPUs you’ll get about 25 to 30 FPS on the low settings at 720p most likely for RAM.

you need at least 3 GB 4 would be better but minimum 3gb windows 7 is the minimum operating system you need for internet I would recommend having at least 2 to 3 Mbps download speed I would recommend using a wired connection a LAN cable if you install this over Wi-Fi with hotspot or if you are in India you are using jio or something.

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