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This is a story of baba harbhajan singh an indian army soldier who died in 1986 but a ghost is believed to still be protecting his brothers in army at the border born in a village Oh Punjab in 1941 Harbhajan Singh enrolled himself in the Indian Army in 1956 in 1965 he was granted a commission and was posted to Severe with 14 Rajput regiment it was in the year 1967 near Nathula pass that same met his end after slipping and drowning in a glacier while he was leading a column of news carrying supplies to a lonesome outpost.

His body was recovered after three days and cremated with Dew honors but did he really die is the question legend has it that it was his own ghost that led to the search party to his own dead body soon after cremation it is believed he appeared in one of his friends dream and asked him to erect a shrine in his memory following this a shrine dedicated to singh was this even today Soldiers posted at the Nathula post firmly believed that singh goes to protects then soldiers even believe that his goals to want them of any impending attack at least 3 days in advance even the Chinese during flag needs set a chair aside to owner.

baba harbhajan singh

Harbhajan Singh the water from this shrine is believed to heal the ailing soldiers swing shrine is guarded by barefooted soldier and his uniform and boots are cleaned on a daily basis stories about his ghost visiting the camps at night and even waking up the soldiers who sleep while and watch are massively popular and very regular they belief about his paranormal existence is so firm that every year on 11th September a train carrying.

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His belonging departs from his hometown accompanied by fellow soldiers and goes right till his home doorstep moreover until his recent retirement Singh was steadily promoted up to the ranks and retired as an ordinary captain his salary has without field being sent to his family up until his retirement Singh is looked after the holy scenes today and soldiers often refer to him as Baba guess patriotic never really dies do you believe in the soldier on duty even after death .


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